Natural Gas

Emarat owns and operates the largest natural gas transmission system in the Northern Emirates. This system consists of a compressor station and approximately 360 kilometers of underground pipework, supplying 20 remote operated metering, pressure regulations.

Natural gas from the Sajaa Field is measured, compressed and distributed to power stations and major industrial users, allowing environmentally friendly gas to be used in place of liquid fuels.

Monitored and controlled around the clock from the Sajaa Control Centre, the system is capable of supplying more than 500 million cubic feet of gas per day {depending on availability of gas}.

Besides, Emarat and UGTC joint venture 48″ pipeline running between Sajaa Gas operations and Hamriah has a capacity to transport more than 1BCF / day. Emarat has the capacity to meet all customers’ needs well into the 21st century {depending on the availability of gas}.

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