Jebel Ali Terminal

Emarat's Jebel Ali terminal (JAT)   is a fully equipped terminal that handles delivery of Gasoline (100%) and Gasoil (98%) to all Emarat service stations and commercial customers.  JAT has storage tanks of various capacities, a network of pipelines,  loading gantries, fire hydrant pipelines, a fleet of road tankers and LPG storage and bottling facilities. 

JAT is also home to Emarat’s LPG bottling plant where hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of LPG are bottled every day before being distributed to residential and commercial customers through the LPG distribution centre at Al Qusais.  

The terminal is also equipped with advanced Vapor Recovery Unit to recycle petroleum vapour collected from service stations – a process that helps reduce harmful emissions from vehicles by 98% and thereby reduces carbon footprint. 

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Ras Al Khaimah

Emarat’s  Saqr Port terminal in Ras Al Khaimah handles the storage of gas oil and fuel oil products.

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Fujairah Terminal

The Fujairah Terminal is strategically located outside the Straits of Hormuz and is well equipped to serve the world’s major bunker markets.  The state-of-the-art terminal offers on lease  high quality fuel storage and distribution facilities with 13 above-ground tanks for products ranging fuel oil, gas oil and mogas with in-line blending and backloading facilities. 

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Emoil/Emdad Terminal at  Jebel Ali

Emdad Terminal at Jebel Ali, a JV company with BP and Shell as partners, is used to receive, store and distribute aviation fuel to airports in Dubai and the Northern Emirates and is provided with a dedicated pipeline to Dubai International Airport.   

Emoil is a JV company between Emarat and BP as partners. The facility is made for third party operations (leasing) and can handle operational activities such as gasoline storage,  blending, ship discharge, ship loading and pipelines transfers amongst many more.

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