Appropriate health, safety and environment management is central to Emarat operations across all departments, from staff at our corporate headquarters to our service station attendants. Taking care of the people we employ directly or as contractors is critical to our success in delivering exceptional standards of customer service. Providing a safe and healthy workplace with quality environmental management is of paramount importance to Emarat 

Our corporation operates on policies, processes, procedures and technical systems that help us to identify HSE hazards and control risks to keep our employees, and anybody who might come into contact with our activities, safe and healthy.

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Across the spectrum of our activities, the Emarat Maximo online Incident Management System provides a comprehensive incident reporting, investigation and management protocol, with KPI report generation, risk assessment models and the ability to manage and respond to potential hazards in real time, wherever they may occur within our activity spectrum.

Emarat operates in compliance with National Health, Safety and Environment Legislations, Regulations, and Codes of Practice in line with international best practices and standards, such as ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management Systems, across all our activities. 

From the forecourt and Car Wash attendants, staff at the cashier’s counter at Freshplus to our Board of Directors, the safety and well-being of everybody working within the Emarat ecosystem is always our highest priority. 

Our HSE objectives



We promote and protect the health of our employees, contractors, and the community. 



At Emarat, we minimise risks and hazards resulting from company activities for employees, contractors, and the community.

Emarat takes all necessary precautions to minimise company loss of assets by implementing Process Safety Management to control process hazards and prevent process-related incidents and injuries

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We protect the environment and minimise the negative impact of company activities by reducing emissions, waste, and discharges.

Emarat gives priority to many environmental hazards and takes conscious measures to prevent the same.

Our core concerns are as follows:

Dealing with Oil Waste and Fuel Gases.

Oil leaks are our major concern as these arise directly from our corporation’s field of industry. To prevent the same, we have the following measures in place:

  • Emarat collects used oil from oil change centres in various Emarat service stations and transfers it to underground tanks, to prevent leakage
  • We treat wastewater and dispose of waste oil, filters, and other materials through specialised, licensed companies
  • Petroleum products used at the service stations are always disposed of safely
  • Emarat applies vapor recovery systems from fuel transportation tanks while filling at loading stations and when being emptied at service stations
Recycling Units

Waste Recycling Units

To prevent overload of dumping grounds, the corporation installed the following measures:

  • Waste recycling units in 16 service stations in Dubai. Each of these state-of-the-art units recycles and treats 25 tonnes of waste annually
  • Machines to sort and recycle waste and generate material that can be reused as raw materials in other industries
  • Whenever a consumer uses a unit, he/she is rewarded with coupons to participate in the corporation’s promotional campaign.


Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling

In accordance with an MoU between the Emarat and Emirates Environment Group, EEG annually collects and recycles tonnes of paper from Emarat service stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

This aims to help the corporation dispose of paper waste in a sound way, rather than burning or burying such papers and negatively affecting the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Bags

Environmentally Friendly Bags

In a proactive step that aims to decrease the rate of pollution created by the use of plastic bags, Emarat uses only environmentally friendly plastic bags that naturally decompose over a short period of time.