Emarat Smart Cards

The smarter way to manage your motoring expenses.

Pay on the Way!

Quick, convenient and secure. Managing your expenses has never been this simple!

The Emarat Smart Card meets your needs, all of which are accepted at all Emarat or Emirates General Petroleum Corporation sites.

Emarat Smart Card Benefits:

  • Control
  • Security
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Electronic
  • Online

Next Generation Technology

  • Emarat cards use smart card technology to bring you a range of impressive benefits
  • Each card includes a chip which can store a range of data and provide more security than cash
  • Spend less time on administration, with all motoring expenses itemized in one consolidated transactional statement
  • Program cards to be used by either specific drivers or specific vehicles
  • Keep track of spending via net/mobile
  • Manage your portfolio — cards can be ordered, cancelled, and amended using our secure online portal

Here’s a list of our Emarat Smart Cards:

A credit card for easy fleet management.

The 1st of its kind to be launched in Dubai, Safeer is designed to make corporate fleets more convenient, more secure and controllable.

With Safeer you can:

  • Allocate cards to specific vehicles or drivers, or leave them open for maximum flexibility
  • Set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits for each card
  • Limit a card’s use to specific products and services
  • A driver specific Personal Identification Number (PIN) can also be used to enhance security. If a card is lost or stolen, the cards can be blocked to prevent misuse

Exclusive discounts

As a Safeer cardholder you enjoy the following discounts on selected purchases:

  • Up to 15% off on car washes
  • Up to 20% off on Lube Express
Prepaid card for fleet control.

Atheer is a prepaid card meant for small to medium sized fleets.

With Atheer you can:

  • You can load credit in multiples of AED 100 up to any amount you need
  • Top up your Atheer card at any Emarat or Emirates General Petroleum Corporation service station
  • For larger fleets, you can opt for a single ‘Central Revalue’ transaction at the Emarat Head Office
The smart alternative to cash.

If you’re looking for the simplest, easiest way to take control of your costs, look no further.
No application forms, no waiting.
Get your Em-Cash card today!

With Em-Cash you can:

  • Load any amount in multiples of 100 Dhs
  • Pay for any product or service at Emarat or Emirates General Petroleum Company service stations
  • Multiple ownerships
  • Top-up at any Emarat service station

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