Social Commitment

Emarat has a long tradition of being a socially responsible citizen – a commitment that is deeply routed in the corporations culture. In addition to providing superior products, services and sustainable returns to our owner, Emarat’s policies and operational practices return value to the economy, the environment and to all the communities where we conduct business. At Emarat, Corporate Social Responsibilities focus on 6 key result areas:

Shareholder Value

To maintain corporation’s profitability, through value creation and efficient market to provide quality products and services that meets the customer requirements and satisfaction.

Health Safety and Envoirnment (HSE)

Preserving and eliminating injuries, health hazards, damages to the property and plants and conserving the environment.

Usage of Residues/Resources

Making oil and gas products, services available at a reasonable market prices, promoting efficient use of energy and water and supporting the usage of renewable energy.

Product Stewardship

Ensuring that products and services meets standard quality and HSE and conform with UAE rules and regulations and international regulations in the oil and gas industry, and meets the requirements of the community.

Community Requirements

Safeguarding employees, business partners, shareholders, suppliers and community where we conduct our business activities in a professional and transparent manner.


Ensuring that products, services and operations do not have negative impact on the diversity of humans, animals and environment.

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