Health, Safety & Environment

It’s the policy of “Emarat” to take the foremost account towards the health and safety of all persons and to protect the environment in compliance with “Emarat” Code of Practice and the Federal, Local and International laws as well as the industry best practices.

This policy is based on our firm conviction that Health, Safety and Environment objectives are as important as the rest of other business objectives.

  • On Health:
    • Promote and protect, the health of the Company employees, contractors and of the community.
  • On Safety:
    • Minimize risks and hazards resulting from the company activities on (Employees, contractors and the community).
    • “Emarat” will take the necessary precautions to minimize company loss of assets by implementing Process Safety Management to control process hazards and prevent process-related incidents and injuries.
  • On Environment:
    • Protect the environment and minimize the negative impact of company activities by reducing emissions, wastes and discharges.

We give priority to many environmental hazards and take conscious measures to prevent the same. Our core concerns are as follows:

Dealing With Oil Wastes and Fuel Gases

Oil leaks are our major concern as these arise directly from the corporate’s field of industry. To prevent the same, we’ve taken the following measures:

  • Collect used oils from oil change centers in various Emarat service stations and transfer them to underground tanks, to prevent leakage.
  • Treat waste water and dispose of waste oils, filters and other material through specialized and licensed companies.
  • Safely dispose of petroleum products used at the service stations.
  • Apply vapor recovery systems from fuel transportation tanks when being filled at loading stations and when being emptied at service stations.

Wastes Recycling Units

To prevent overloads of dumping grounds, the corporation installed the following measures:

  • Installed waste recycling units in 16 service stations in Dubai. Each of these state-of-the-art units recycle and treat 25 tons of waste annually.
  • The machines sort and recycle waste to generate material that can be reused as raw materials in other industries.

Whenever a consumer uses a unit, he/she is rewarded with coupons to participate in the corporation’s promotional campaign.

Paper Recycling

In accordance with an MOU between Emarat and Emirates Environment Group, EEG annually collects and recycles tons of paper from Emarat service stations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

This aims to help the Corporation dispose of paper waste in a sound way, rather than burning or burying such papers which will negatively affect the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Bags

In a proactive step that aims to decrease the rate of pollution created by the use of plastic bags, Emarat is now using plastic bags that are environment friendly and can disintegrate in a short period of time. These bags are mandatory and are available at different Emarat convenience stores and service stations.

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