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While marketing and distributing petroleum products are the main activities at Emarat, the Corporation has adopted an expansion and deversity policy. This policy paves the way for cooperation with international partners who are distinct for their technical and marketing expertise, and are required to achieve the highest levels of success in the different ventures undertaken by Emarat.


Emojet is owned by Emarat and Exxon Mobil International, and has been supplying aviation fuel since 1992 through its world-class infrastructure and storage facilities. This project was the first step the Corporation took in the regional aviation fuel supply sector.

Emarat Misr for Petroleum Products

In line with Emarat’s policy which aims to expand the Corporation’s activities regionally, Emarat Misr for Petroleum Products Company was established in 2003 as an economic partnership between Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (“Emarat”), and two Egyptian companies: Middle East Petroleum Tanks and Pipelines (“Medtap”) and Middle East Petroleum Refining Company (“Medor”). The partnership has an authorized capital of 500 million Egyptian pounds, and a paid capital of 100 million Egyptian pounds, and Emarat owns 50%, Medtap 48%, with 2% for Medor. The company’s objective is to establish 70 service stations in different locations across Cairo and other Egyptian cities.


Emoil for Petroleum Products Storage was established with a capital of USD 33 million, following a partnership agreement between Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (“Emarat”), which owns 60% of Emoil, BP International Investments Limited and Trafigura Beheer Limited, which own 20% each.


Emdad was established to keep pace with the growth of the aviation industry in Dubai, which is in line with the huge expansion projects currently being executed at Dubai International Airport – one of the fastest growing airports in the world – in addition to Dubai World Center. Upon its completion, this will be one of the largest airports in the world, with a capacity of 120 million travelers and 12 million tons of shipments annually. This project will undoubtedly attract more global air traffic.

Melubco (Middle East Lubricants Company)

As Emarat constantly seeks to provide its customers with the best products and services, it has acquired shares in Melbco company for lubricants mixing and production. As such, Emarat became a partner with BP, Exxon Mobil and other partners. Emarat is currently exporting lubricants to the Gulf region, the Middle East, China, former Soviet states, and the countries on the Indian Peninsula.

Al Hamriyya Pipeline

Emarat and Dana Gas have entered into an agreement to build and operate the first joint gas pipeline in the UAE, valued at AED 670 million. The pipeline’s capacity is around a billion cubic feet of gas daily, and it extends from Sharjah Gas Complex in Al Sajaa to Al Hamriyya Free Zone. This project was launched in 2008.

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