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Commercial Property

In 2001, Emarat launched Emarat Atrium which is a state-of-the-art office complex dedicated for rent, conveniently situated on Sheikh Zayed Road facing Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the World.

In short time, Emarat Atrium attracts high profile tenants, having an ideal central business location which includes:

• A fully equipped meeting rooms.
• 150 spacious offices.
• Advanced business center amenities.
• A seminar room for up to 80 people, with the latest audio-visual equipment.
• Covered and open parking.
• A fully equipped health club.
• A 2,000 sq. ft. coffee shop in the atrium.
• Emarat C-Store with 3,000 various product lines, and offers dry cleaning, photo processing and postal services. The complex includes also several recreational services and facilities.

Office NameUnit No.Po Box No.Tel No.Fax No.
Chai Café (Coffe Shop)CF8384804-3433291-
Jalila Chocolate15800804-3790700-
Maha& Mohammad Sabih Al Fahoum25801204-343492204-3434929
Taisei Corporation (Dubai Branch)33120204-323767704-3237224
WME Engineering Consultants4,5 & 62673904-388161604-3806161
Richland Real Estate Brokers821275004-321877704-3218778
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank009 - 01812880004-403340004-3250174
Rycx Legal Consultant213216904-346730304-3467304
Gulf Business Machines / UCMC331-354922604-343535304-3432470
Dubai Quality Group30927804-343195004-3431970
Fix r Us Building Maintenance LLC323130304-321261604-3214348
Al Hadha Trading Co. LLC3441435504-380822704-3808853
Antonelli 3623155104-379070304-3790704
Orient Travels & Touring Agency371380804-343333204-3212882
American Business Council387464804-379141404-3791515
KCR General Trading LLC1055809604-3449230
Western Australian Trade Office1065800704-343322604-3433238
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makthoum Foundation1077147404-338588504-3441623
Decovision LLC10933413804-346771104-3467722
Victorian Government Business Office110 & 1115800404-321260004-3212700
Bin Haider Consultancy Group113 & 11433353304-330777304-3306332
Overseas Energy LLC11521115504-343344304-3216858
Ghantoot Gulf Contracting1163476504-328540104-3285402
Prime Pictures L.L.C1175801104-343243304-3432334
IDG Security Services119 & 1205078404-442012604-4420712
Daudpota International12132667055-951997204-3383550
Aconex (UAE) LLC125 & 12734602304-3846999-
Connection Fashion Networks124 & 1265802004-321123304-3212949
Nedbank Private Wealth129 - 13021450004-346558104-3465584
Voitin Walker Davis Legal Consultancy 131-1325807704-321277704-3212773
Smart Source Real Estate Brokers1333509004-338776404-3387764
Vakson Group Ltd.134-138469504-321999304-3219922
Reem Real Estate Consultancy1395807004-343408304-3434087
Energizer M.E141 - 1445809504-321185504-3211856
Sikologia Consultancy1465808804-343676604-3436767
M E S A Management Consultancy1473109304-379050004-3790501
Tamara Trading International2012807804-328598804-3285694
Media International Services202-2042220404-321200304-3212004
4R Eco Solutions LLC205
Arabian Oil Company LLC2063590304-282384904-2823953
Perfetto Trading Co. LLC.20728244504-321088804-3211221
GNP MANAGEMENT208-2095804204-343211104-3430552
Express International2105803304-321377304-3213733
TAG Investments211-2157254704-343606104-3436062
Ahmed Sultan Khalifa Bin Hadda Al Suwaidi2163333204-345305004-3213099
Al Shamsi Holdings LLC217-2184002004-321113304-3211144
Synergy Financial2205803204-321669404-3216695
Zain Petroleum Oil Trading LLC223 -2248712204-8806094-
T L C A General Trading2257144804-3808807-
UTC International Auditing of Accounts22621522304-321100504-3211050
United International Petroleum2277254704-343606104-3436062
Inter Office Technology LLC2282123604-325080004-3250700
Perfetto Trading Co. LLC.22928244504-321088804-3211221
German Engineering Consultants23018274404-343439304-3434308
Al Suwaidi Advocates237-238727304-321100004-3211001
Fast Track - Emarat239940004-343444404-3437053
Dubai Holding Group LLC240-24604-301100004-3011070
Asrar General Trading LLC249
Woods Bagot Pty Ltd313 to 3175804104-321216604-3212177
Modern Equipment General Trading LLC30104-2953118
Naji Beidoun Advocated & Legal302460904-222515104-2221101
Blair Anderson303 - 3055382704-343310204-3433090
Oriens International Business Consulting30621439504-338800804-3443681
Tripple Payments LLC30755590904-330003004-3300031
Ali Ibrahim Abdul Qader Bin Hendi30844777104-3881048
Fahad Bin Tamim Advocates & Legal Consultants309 - 3101199604-338033304-3388339
Profile Deco Trading LLC31223155104-379070304-3790704
Emirates Rawabi Company JSPC3182278804-343955504-3433616
Landex General Trading LLC3191611004-325125104-3251251
3S Middle East Trading LLC3214471304-33444704-3384407
South Architectural Designs LLC322-32333375804-2244237-
ITALCANDITI SPA - REP. OFFICE324970604-338222404-3382224
PRM International3257581604-321694404-3216955
Techzone Networking Services LLC3263281704-380750504-3807404
ASK International / ASK Inc.327 & 3297234704-321113104-3210550
Magnitude Events & Advertising LLC40133454704-338774204-3387746
Perfect Plus Business Management40239088004-3792584-
Mohammed Tagmout Auditing of Accounts4036262104-3211866-
Cherrypik General Trading LLC405500355004-3218468-
Exexcutive Development & Management Advisory40633336504-380563304-3805899
Exxon Mobil M.E Marketing Corporation407-4103336904-343140004-3437496
Al Rewad Engineering Consultancy411 - 41223734704-321778204-3217783
Banke International Properties413 - 4157597704-506900204-3383499
Al Dar Real Estate / RMB Group417-41812980504-346575704-3465858
Ramadi Investment LLC41933442404-388193904-3881979
Amad Law Management Consultancy42311234404-4216613-
Al Shamsi Terra Firma LLC4254002004-321113343211144
Hamilton Project Management426 & 4285387404-321113404-3211135
Constance Capital and Consulting4364950904-380472704-3804733
Tiybr Payments LLC43755566704-338000004-3333313
Time Machine Group438-44204-3884666
S R Trading Co. LLC4454439004-224214504-2242142
Le Monde General Trading LLC44704-338801004-3388202
RWE Power International M.E LLC4487467704-338592504-3385953
Satya Real Estate4535052504-3852338
Promoseven Sports (Fortune Promoseven)454683404-321000804-3211688
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