Franchise FAQ

All the c-stores located in service stations are owned and operated by Emarat. We only franchise in stand-alone shops outside service stations.

Option 1: Freshplus with Bakeria/Cafe Arabicca

Option 2: Bakeria/Cafe Arabicca

Option 3: Freshplus

From time to time we have, however, we will support approved franchisees (after signing a letter of Intent) in their hunt for a location.

Around three to four months. (subject to approval from authorities)

Overall total investment varies according to space, concept, operating cost (rent, number of staff, etc…). However, for a 1,000 sq.ft shop (Freshplus with Bakeria/Cafe Arabicca), the total investment range from AED 900K to AED 1M and it is around AED 500K to AED 650K for a Bakeria/Cafe Arabicca. This includes shop design, fit-out, equipment, franchise fee, initial stock, licensing and staff hiring cost.

The initial contract period is for 5 years, with exactly 4 consecutive terms of 5 years and no renewal fee.

Franchise fees US$ 22,000 (AED 80,000) per brand and if you obtain rights for all brands (Freshplus with Bakeria/Cafe Arabicca), total franchise is US$ 33,000 (AED 120,000) that is less US$ 10,000 (AED 40,000) than original fee. Franchise fee payment must be done on signing the franchise agreement.

Royalty fees are 2.5% of total sales for Freshplus with 1% marketing fees, 5% for Bakeria with 1% marketing fees. Royalty fees are paid monthly on gross sales.

Bakeria ranges from 200,000 AED to 250,000 AED. Freshplus ranges from 300,000 to 350,000 AED.

Freshplus gross margin ranges between 23-25%. Bakeria is 50%. Café Arabicca is 70%. ROI is between 2.5 to 3 years.

Approximately 15 locations, however, it depends on the country.

Please fill in the franchise application form and send back to us by return e-mail. We will forward to our management, once approval is received, we will therefore arrange for a meeting with the applicant and our franchise team to further discuss the franchise process.

Our target locations are retail spaces in the lobby of commercial complexes, residential buildings, or shopping centers and malls, etc. that would cater to all nationalities.

For Bakeria/Café Arabica model, 300 sq. ft. up to 600 sq. ft.

For a Freshplus model, 300 sq. ft. up to 600 sq. ft.

For Freshplus/ Bakeria model, 600 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft.

Water and drainage should be available. Electric power should be up to 50 Kw for full shop.

As part of the franchise fees, our design consultant would give you more than one option to choose from and we will be there to advise you on the best option based on our vast retail experience.

We would advise on the number of staff and salary packages, as this depends on the working hours and number of shifts.

You will be put into contact with Emarat network suppliers where you will receive direct deliveries to your shop. You will also benefit from getting the Emarat cost price.

Most suppliers will give 30 days credit facility for orders above AED 1000/month. For orders less than AED 1000/month, it will be cash on delivery.

We are open to listing new products suggested by franchisees, however, every new product should be approved and listed by Emarat only.

The franchisee and their support team will receive up to six weeks of intensive training which includes: Freshplus operation (opening, daily operations, closing, management, merchandising…), Bakeria training (product know how, baking methods, display, day to day procedures), Cafe Arabicca training (coffee preparation, equipment handling, taste consistency). Training includes as well IT system, inventory control, staff management etc…, it covers all aspects of the business / food / procedures.

Freshplus operations (opening, daily operations, closing, management, merchandising); Bakeria training (product know-how, baking methods, display, day to day procedures); Cafe Arabicca training (coffee preparation, equipment handling, taste consistency).

Training also includes IT system, inventory control, staff management and also covers all aspects of the business / food / procedures. This is in addition to continuous refresher training to existing staff on customer service and all retail skills. Any new staff would go through the same training process once recruited.

We provide two inventories along with training the franchisee staff. However, we give assistance whenever required.

We conduct two big promotions every year. Every month, we have one c-store promotion and one Bakeria promotion. We can also participate in any local marketing activity done by franchisee in their area.

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