For over 30 years, Emarat has been a major supplier of commercial fuels to businesses throughout the UAE.  As a company with a profound tradition of excellent customer service and proactively anticipating customer needs within the framework of a Federal Government Organization, all our products are produced to the highest specifications and quality standards.

We supply two main types of commercial fuel:

Gas Oil (Diesel): For use in commercial fleets, small boilers, heating furnaces and boats. This fuel is also sold as “Bunker Fuel” to the marine industry for appropriate applications.

Gasoline (95 & 98 Octane): For use in commercial and government sector fleets such as ministries and transport corporations.


Emarat provides state of the art equipment for industrial and commercial uses with safety as the prime consideration, which is approved and certified by all relevant International standards and UAE’s Civil defense & Government Authorities regulations.

Bulk Fuel Delivery and Collection

We deliver bulk supplies for inland and marine use by road as well as offering fuel collection from the following Emarat terminals:

  • Jabel Ali Port (East Wharf)
  • Ras Al Khaimah Port

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