Engineering Team

Conceptualised and formed in 2003 to streamline all engineering functions of the Corporation under a dedicated department, Engineering Department in Emarat makes every effort to meet its customer requirements with fervor.   The department is functionally bifurcated into three sections namely Retail & Property Development Projects, Terminal & Commercial Projects, and Maintenance & Services and each section is manned with expert resources to work together with the business units to achieve their goals.

Retail & Property Development Projects

Primarily for handling expansion of Emarat’s retail network, Retail & Property Development Projects section also undertakes development of commercial/residential properties of the Corporation and upgrades existing service stations and allied facilities to reflect advancements in technologies in fuel retailing and meet increasing customer demands and expectations.

Terminal & Commercial Projects

Responsible for development of oil and gas storage and distribution terminals starting from concept design through to commissioning, Terminal & Commercial Projects Section also handles development of fuel and gas dispensing facilities for industrial installations and provides assistance to terminal operations on demand.

Maintenance & Services

Dedicated to keep the Corporation’s critical assets at their best operational form with minimum down time, Maintenance & Services Section undertakes routine, preventive and breakdown maintenance of the equipment and facilities in the terminals, services stations and allied facilities, commercial & residential buildings, industrial fuel/gas stations, etc. to help the business units achieve their objectives and keep their customers happy.


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