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Tyre Express
  Tyres are a crucial element of road safety. Properly maintained, they will help ensure safe and comfortable motoring for you and your family.

Tyre Express offers a quick, efficient while-you-wait service that is great value for money. Call in to:
Buy tyres and batteries.
Have tyres fitted and balanced.
Have computerised all-wheel alignment.
Have a new battery fitted.

Tyre Express is a partnership between two of the UAE's leading companies: Al-Futtaim Motors and Emarat. It is a one-stop shop for the world's leading brands of tyres and batteries for all passenger cars, 4x4s, sports utility vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

At Tyre Express, you'll find:
Helpful staff offering honest, expert advice.
Competitive prices.
The highest quality original brands - tyres from Toyo, BF Goodrich, Maxxis, Bridgestone, Michelin and Yokohama plus batteries from Panasonic, GS and G-Power.
Convenient locations at selected Emarat Service Stations in Dubai, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.
High standards of safety and cleanliness.
Environmentally-friendly working practices.

Tyre Express is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm (except Friday and public holidays).

Tips for tyre saftey
Fit the type and size of tyre recommended for your vehicle.
Keep tyres properly inflated. Check tyre pressure every two weeks, including the spare tyre.
Check the tyre pressure when tyres are cold.
Avoid damage to the tyres through scuffing against kerbs or other obstacles.
Always replace valve caps.
Fit a new valve assembly when replacing tubeless tyres.
Avoid excessive acceleration, harsh braking, high speeds, quick turns and bad roads.
Replace worn-out tyres promptly.
Use the same type of tyres (radial or cross-ply) for all wheels. DO NOT MIX! Mixing tyres is dangerous.
Rotate your tyres every 10,000 km (see car owner's manual). Recheck air pressure and have wheels balanced.
Remove any stones or nails embedded in the tyre tread to avoid possible damage to the tyre.
Oil, fuel and paint stains have a harmful effect on tyre rubber compounds. Remove immediately with detergent.
Examine your tyres frequently for signs of badly worn or scalloped shoulders. This may indicate that your vehicle is out of alignment. Also check for scrapes, bulges, separations, cuts or embedded foreign objects. Visit Tyre Express for a thorough inspection if any of these conditions is detected.

Battery tips
The battery is the heart of an automobile, supplying the energy the vehicle needs to operate. Service and maintain your battery regularly to ensure long battery life and optimum driving conditions.

The most common symptoms indicating that a battery requires replacement or a service are:
Vehicle engine does not start easily.
Battery does not hold charge (goes dead a few hours after charging).
Electric appliances in the vehicle do not function correctly.

If you have a problem with your battery, call in to Tyre Express and ask for guidance from one of our highly trained, professional staff. They will give you honest advice on the problem and possible solutions. Tyre Express sells and installs only the highest quality automotive batteries by GS, Panasonic and G-Power.

Tyre Express offers quick, convenient tyre and battery change services.
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